Jon Danforth acoustic singer-songwriter from Dallas

Jon Danforth Bio

Jon Danforth is a singer-songwriter born and raised in Ferndale, Arkansas, and currently living in Dallas, Texas. His music joins together folk influences with indie rock elements to create something familiar yet unique. 

His first EP, 'This Could Change', was released independently in 2017, and since then, he has released four EPs and one single, expanding both his sound and his audience. 

Jon's most recent EP, 'Seasons', is all about change. The songs explore change both as a concept from a bird's eye view and on a micro-level looking at personal changes in Jon's life.  

You can find Jon's music on all digital platforms.

"Jon Danforth takes listeners on a ride through the sunny peaks and sweeping valleys of Americana."

- D Magazine

"Jon Danforth’s music is the perfect road trip music, queue it up and go out for a scenic drive with it."

- Americana Highways

"The Dallas singer-songwriter’s sound has evolved into an eclectic, ethereal, and rock-tinged take on largely folk-informed music. At the crux of it all, though, is Danforth’s individualistic heart."

- For Folk's Sake

"In a city with no shortage of singer-songwriters who can strum a guitar, Jon Danforth isn't one to be overlooked. The Dallas-based musician knows how to make a good song with standout melodies."

- Central Track