"Listen: Jon Danforth - Maybe a Little..."
- The Bluegrass Situation

"Jon Danforth’s greatest asset is his voice in a landscape saturated by folk up-and-comers. An expressive croon navigates earthy, contemplative melodies in a way that recalls the likes of Langhorne Slim and Gill Landry. His lyrical tone isn’t one to shake a stick at, either...the Dallas singer-songwriter comes into his own on his debut LP, Beginning and End."
- PopMatters

"Ahead of his second full-length releasing this fall, Dallas-based singer/songwriter Jon Danforth shows well with new single “Novelty.” The “I don’t mind being a novelty,” vocal introspection engrosses amidst melodic, jangly guitars. A soaring guitar line past the first minute coincides with wordless vocal effects, exuding a power-poppy flash guiding into the title-referencing refrain. “Novelty” is an enthusiastically infectious success, with shades of AC Newman, aesthetically."
- Obscure Sound

"Jon Danforth brings us a timely tale in ‘Sadie Willow Lane‘, which presents an eerie scene of a chillingly cold encounter with a ghost..."
- Americana UK

"While “End of the Line (Pinkman’s Song)” may be an homage to Danforth’s favorite show Breaking Bad, people who have never watched a single episode (like me!) can plug into Danforth’s gravelly voice and literary songwriting. As the song builds in intensity and Danforth’s voice cracks with emotional strain, you’ll feel a sense of catharsis yourself."
- Adobe and Teardrops

"Jon Danforth takes listeners on a ride through the sunny peaks and sweeping valleys of Americana."
- D Magazine 

"Jon Danforth's music is the perfect road trip music, queue it up and go out for a scenic drive with it."
- Americana Highways 

"The Dallas singer-songwriter's sound has evolved into an eclectic, ethereal, and rock-tinged take on largely folk-informed music. At the crux of it all, though, is Danforth's individualistic heart."
- For Folk's Sake 

"In a city with no shortage of singer-songwriters who can strum a guitar, Jon Danforth isn't one to be overlooked. The Dallas-based musician knows how to make a good song with standout melodies."
- Central Track

"Danforth’s new EP, appropriately titled Seasons, bends through wiry and rustic structures, as he grapples with this year’s tragedy and heart-rending bloodshed. He wields his acoustic guitar with anvil-sized force, and the heaviness of the world might be inescapable, yet he always eyes hope that’s inevitably tucked up under the horizon. His imagery banks hard into both frankness and plush poeticism, switching gears when you least expect it. Danforth manages to depict his winding journey through life’s lush hills and barren valleys while situating a vividly drawn illustration of the world."
- B-Sides and Badlands

"The songwriting on this album is where it really shines for me. It’s meaningful. It says something. It says something, but not just about Jon. It speaks to me with what it’s saying, and it’s paced wonderfully from front to back. Honestly this is a great record worth picking up and listening to. This album is great. As I said before: it’s nostalgic out of the gate, but it really becomes Jon Danforth immediately."
- Wild Roots

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- Dallas Observer